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Add Life to Your Mani With These Top Coats!

What’s a girl to do when her manicure won’t last more than a day? She finds a top coat that really delivers and locks in color no matter how busy your hands get! Read more »



The Fab 5 – Fun Flats

Spring is here, and warmer weather calls for less layers and lighter shoes. Most likely you have found yourself steering away from your boots and enjoying the ease of wearing flats. Keep reading to get even more excited for flats season and to shop for some of our favorite styles.


Beauty & Lifestyle

Blue Shadow is Hot for Spring & Summer!

One of this Spring/Summer’s hot beauty trends is blue eyeshadow.  Blue, you ask?  Yes!  Blue eyeshadow is no longer the frosty affair that your grandmother used to wear.  Today’s shades of azure are absolutely stunning and the perfect pop of color for the season.



The Fab 5 – Exotic Snakeskin Fashions

Snakeskin is very ‘in’ this season, and Derek embraced this exotic trend on his latest fashion spread for Bella NYC magazine. Keep reading for more on this trend and to discover pieces to add to your closet.


Beauty & Lifestyle

Vitamin C for Gorgeously Healthy Skin!

We all know how great Vitamin C is for overall health….but did you know that it’s also an incredibly healthy boost for your skin?!  It is!



Fashion Heaven Has Jane Basch Jewelry

Team Fabulous believes in accessorizing and personalizing your look with fun jewelry. I mean, every girl deserves a bit of bling in their lives and when said bling is unique it makes the outfit that more special.